Top Notch Auto Suspension and Steering

Suspension and Steering

Steering & Suspension Services

Making sure that your car is safe is a high priority for us at Top Notch Auto. Your front end needs to be tight. Your wheels need to be straight. All steering components should be inspected properly. And last but not least your vehicle needs to be aligned the right way. we have the tools and skills to get this done.

  • Front End

  • Rear End

  • Shocks

  • Coil Springs

  • Struts

  • Bushings

  • CV Joints and Axles

  • Chassis Parts

  • Wheel Bearings

  • Differential

  • Power Steering

  • Power Steering Fluid

If your vehicle is doing any of these things you likely need Top Notch Atuo to take a look at your steering and suspension system

  • Noise when driving over bumps

  • Vehicle bouncing

  • Hard turning

  • Uneven tire wear

  • Wandering wheels